Free, online Emergency Egress mini-course released today.

quick and easy quiz nick thanks it reminds us 2 always look and never take it for granted that the opening is correct

We have a couple more we’re working on.


The following three questions from the quiz puzzle me. Why are the first two correct and the third wrong? Just trying to clear things up in my head.

The minimum height of an egress opening is
44 inches.
34 inches.
54 inches.
24 inches. (correct) (2 FOOT???)

The minimum width of an egress opening is
10 inches.
30 inches.
20 inches. (correct)** (1 FT 8 INCHES???)**
5.7 feet.
44 inches.

**A 2 foot by 2 foot egress opening is (24 inches by 24 inches???)
**too small. (correct)

Opening shall be 5.7 sq ft in area minimum.


Is there a particular link to a page listing all the mini-courses one can choose from? If not can a page be made doing so. I would like to encourage all our chapter members to take them all.

Now if we only had a list.

Thanks, told you I was confused . . . missed that part . . . thanks!

I agree . . . sure Nick will start it soon.

W. Michael Chris:

Even though an opening meets the width and height requirements it still has to be 5.7 square feet or 5.0 feet if opening to grade level.

David Nice:

Here ya go:

Nick, David unconfussed me - just reading late in the day, I just missed, skipped the 5.7 requirement . . . that’s what I like about this board, everyone is so helpful . . . thanks again everyone!

You need a tape measure, pencil & paper. Measure then multiply to make sure it complies, and always verify it’s operation is smooth and opens completely.Especially when the seller has painted the house, since they are selling the house, very few clean the paint out of the tracts and lubricate them. It goes without saying, that clearence is useless if the windows don’t open.

I’m A New Member & I Really Appreciate All The Free Educational
Opportunities That We Have In This Organization.i Think It’s All
Just Great.i’m Still Waiting For The Parachute Requirement For Skyscrapers & Commercial Airliners - Emergency Egress .

That is a very helpful suggestion.

(Grabbed your little guy and pulled him into my post. He’s awful cute. )

Wendy, we already did it. See link at the bottom of my post #8 above.