egress window well retaining wall

I think I have a problem and would like to hear any feedback on this problem. I think I have a problem hope someone can shed some light on this

A egress window well retaining wall 7’ long, 5’ deep 3’ on oneside level and square to the wall of the house and 2’7" on the otherside out of square to the house, was told this was built like this to prevent the wall buckling. The wall is cinderblock toped with cap block. The well is bottomed out with pea gravel and backed filled with the dirt that was removed which is mostly clay and stone/rock, there is also some low grade top soil in the mix.
Surely a square wall would be stronger than an out of square one?

What is the retaing wall made of and pictures would help if you have some.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

More important than square or out of square is the thickness of the block used, and the presence or absence of any reinforcing in the blockwork. And surely you mean “concrete” block and not “cinder” block…or don’t you?

16" x 8" x 8" cinderblock based on a 6" deep x ? wide concrete footer(I was only able to uncover the footer on the inside of the well) the footer is crumbly as if there is not enough cement or too much sand

I took one of the cap blocks off and can see no evidence of rebar/ steel mesh or anything that could possibly reinforce this wall.

Unfortunatly I do not have any pics (dumb butt that I am left my camera on the hood of the truck and pulled away… smash oops)

We have decided to demolish the wall after digging out the backfill and install plastic westcraft wells, as I believe this wall to be unsafe and the home owner dosnt like the block wall anyway.

Thanks for the reply’s, I will let you know what happens:roll:

That statement alone says to me you are probably doing the proper thing. And just so no one flames you…he is not a home inspector guys, he is a remodel contractor in my area and is perfectly OK doing the work.