Egress Windows

I have a client that is purchasing a home built in 1972 as an investment property. The sill height of the window is 47". My question is, as a landlord, would he have to lower the window to prevent future liability in case of an emergency?

Well you could do that but it might be a tad easier to put a permanent step below the window. :wink:

Thanks Michael, discussed with client and he likes that idea!

i thought it was 44"


I believe you are correct, Rob. I missed that detail.

R310.1 Minimum opening area. All emergency escape and rescue openings shall have a minimum net clear opening of 5.7 square feet.

R310.1.2The minimum opening height shall be 24".

R.310.1.3Minimum opening width clear opening shall be 20"


Do you have the part about the height to the opening handy?

20 x 24 will not give 5.7 sq ft.

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That would be the 5.7 sq. ft. Larry. They are looking for a minimum height of 24" and a minimum width of 22". Whatever the combination, it has to equal 5.7 sq. ft…

The sill height is maximum of 44", unless local codes change it to less. :slight_smile:

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Marcel, the min clear width is 20". The clear area is 5 sq ft on the ground floor, and 5.7 sq ft on the upper floors. A lot of people miss that one.

In Larson’s graphic, the 46" dimension is to the “clear area” accounting for the bottom of the window frame. The “means of escape” height to the interior sill is 44", not the clear area from what I understand. I have had the AHJ in my area sign off on smaller egress windows that are double hung tilt-outs. By removing both sashes, it meets the egress rule as long as the sill is at or below 44" and the clear width is 20" or more, the min clear height is 24", and the min clear area is at least 5 sq ft on the ground floor.

Sorry for the thread drift but nothing more can be added on Egress.:wink:

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