The minimum width of windows for egress is?

20 inches.

20" clear width for a 41" clear height window
34 1/8" clear width for a 24" clear height window

Just sayin’… for those trying to read too much into the question, or code! :wink:

Not in Wisconsin.

20" x 24" minimum

Actually, Kennith is more correct than you are. Only, he is quoting net clear for a second story window. Ground floor is only 5 sq ft with min 20" wide and 24" high.

I always find it interesting the different codes used in different jurisdictions. Good information and discussion. :slight_smile:

Please learn to read.** I said for Wisconsin**.

I even posted the state law.

The IRC uses a min of 20". But as has been pointed out the requirements are different in other jurisdictions. It is always good to know what codes/requirements are being used/enforced in your specific area.

Most areas here…20" min width… 5.7sf first floor, 5.9sf second floor

Also, it’s been my experience that Manu’s indicate right on the window label (replacement or new construction) whether the window meets said standards for Egress, Energy etc.