elec in crawlspace

Is it ok for the romex to not be enclosed in a water tight conduit? It is not going to get wet however it is a crawlspace with critters, etc…

Yes it is acceptable.

Protect where it is necessary.

ICR - 3802.3.2
NEC - 334.15b

Look up IRC 3801 & 3802 for more details about how to properly run it. And check your local codes.

Is that a typical Texas crawl space

Wish they were all this clean. We only have a few in the Houston area so I am not sure if it is a typical one. Most are in the Dallas area.

Gotcha. That looks more like what I would see under a deck here in VA.

Those cables as run do not look like they are properly secured at intervals no more than 4.5’ apart. There may be other issues also. The cable may have needed running boards or to be installed through bored holes.