Electric meter humming

At the home I just inspected I noticed a low humming noise coming from the electric meter. I looked closer and noticed the dial was not spinning and was simply ticking back and forth.

I recommended my clients contact the local utility company to notify them the meter appears to be deficient and to have a qualified person repair or replace as necessary.

I sure other have come across this before. Any thoughts as to what might be going on from my vague description? Feel free to correct me in my verbiage or anything else. Thank you



The shading coils sometimes loosen up thus the humming, vibration. The meter most likely needs replaced.

Thanks Kenny. I assume this would typically be on the Utility companies dime.

One would think but every place is different so not much surprises me.


I know someone whom had the same thing, the meter wasn’t turning at times. If you taped on it, it would start. Because of this, they had low electric bill for years. The electric company has since changed all the meters here across their whole territory. Northern Indiana.

Before my utility provider switched to smart meters my meter would spin backwards during the day when my solar PV system was back feeding into the grid

I think it’s a mater of not knowing the words :joy::roll_eyes:

Damit! You beat me to it…

Not Spinning…Not Paying !..:}

What happened to the 'ol college days when the meter could be pulled out & plugged in upside down. :twisted:

Right! 2 weeks forward 2 weeks back. :lol: