Quick electrical question. Need fast!

Ran into something funny, today. The electrical meter in a flipped house was installed upside-down. Is this a problem? Are there any polarity or phase issues?


I should think a two phase is equally balanced anyway.

In the past I have seen them hanging upside down as temp service,so it should ,but Edison will most likely want it corrected.

There will be no effect at the main ,since both bars also get equal feed,alternately of course.

As long as the white or neutral is in the center lug and all are tight it should be normal.

What I wonder about is the meter disk spin being affected?
More of a reader issue I suppose.

Ok here is a snippit from a forum (do it yourself .com)…The disc sits on a jewel and is suspended vertically on a pin inside a magnetic field. As the magnetic field of the current flowing across the disc causes it to turn, it will ride smoothly on the jewel, just like a watch. Turn it upside down it may not turn at all due to the disk resting on an unjeweled surface, and it will drag on the bowtie magnet that causes it to run properly in the right position.

(Is it grounded)?

In the old days, with old meters, they would actually run backwards when installed upside down. People would steal power this way and thus the locking tabs on the retaining rings. I don’t think it made a difference in the quality of power.

With the newer digital meters, it may not make a difference. Paul must be at the burger stand. :wink:

And the drop spilces were only knuckles, not the power splices that are usually done around here. Looks like a flipper doing un-permitted work.

Did you look in the alley at the feed connection?

A few years back they had to remove a pole during construction of an oversized home behind me and left it hang upside down.

Sounds like a temp situation.

Since this work may have been done by a flipper is it possible that they brought the line side into the bottom of the meter so that they needed to install the meter upside down to get it to run correctly?

Can I assume you’re talking about split-bolts? There’s nothing wrong with using them.