Electric Panel Cables Color Code

Want to know if gray cable can be used with a GFCI Breaker acting as neutral cable, while a Red Cable is the Hot Cable.

Please advise, I know is Friday night but my report needs to go out tomorrow and I don’t feel confortable with this, and have no asnwer neither finding support documents.


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Light Grey can be used for Neutral.

Typically it means 277 volt here, but I believe it can be used as well in residential 120 volt systems.

Those appear to be AFCI breakers, not GFCI’s. There’s a difference, but that does not change the answer to your question.

Jeffry, Ben y Patrick thanks to you all for the info, that was my pending item since I feel not confortable with this.

Green or bare for ground wires … white or grey for neutral wires … and anything else can be used for hot wires (red, purple, or whatever floats your boat). The IRC has a short and sweet section on this for houses.