Electric Panel on todays job


Obviously this panel violates the NEC 3 foot front, 6 foot height and 30 inch wide clearance requirements.

Question is… Are there any specific prohibitions regarding its proximity to the Range itself, other than it being a really bad idea with the whole grease and steam potential? Or does the standards on clearance cover this .
Thank You for your thoughts

Vapor diffusion.

Don’t really need anything other that the clearance requirements you have stated. That is completely wrong, but, having said that, nobody is going to correct it. Make sure to report but just move on.


Yep,what Master Douglas said!

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I appreciate your feedback Robert. “Vapor Diffusion” is more of an Impact of the Defect than a Codified description . And much more of a pretentious Narrative than I am comfortable with in my Report.
Thank You

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Appreciate your your insight Douglas…you as well Joseph… Go Browns!! :muscle:

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Additionally, the heat generated by the stove is likely to make the plastic breakers brittle and possibly expand and contract making connections unreliable and dangerous.

Nice to see the towel under your tool on the counter, Matt! It shows respect…nice!

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for sure Larry, 3 million dollar home or mobile home, always respect!..good eyes on you

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Perfect place for it! The electrical panel was installed over an electrical range. Inspector recommends keeping the panel shut while cooking your favorite food to avoid potential fire. :rofl: