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This membership was a big waste of my time!


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Except for the spice rack thing, I kinda like it.

Hell, I usually have to look behind artwork or family photos hung on the walls. How many amps was the service? I count no fewer than 25 breakers in this spicy panel... Talk about adding sizzle to a meal!

Let's kick it up... a notch!!! Bam!!!

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Hi Igor,

Luverley pics, back several lifetimes and 4,000 miles ago I was an opperations manager for the largest kitchens distributor in England, if one of my designers had planned that I would have given him a raise icon_lol.gif kichen fitters are much cheaper by the hour than electricians !!

Mind you I was a lot less edjumacated back then icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif


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Working clearances for energized equipment and

panelboards. Except as otherwise specified in Chapters 33

through 42, the dimension of the working space in the direction

of access to panelboards and live parts likely to require

examination, adjustment, servicing or maintenance while ener-gized

shall be not less than 36 inches (914 mm) in depth.

Distances shall be measured from the energized parts where

such parts are exposed or from the enclosure front or opening

where such parts are enclosed. In addition to the 36-inch

dimension (914 mm), the work space shall not be less than

30 inches (762 mm) wide in front of the electrical equipment

and not less than the width of such equipment. The work space

shall be clear and shall extend from the floor or platform to a

height of 6.5 feet (1981 mm).
In all cases, the work space shall

allow at least a 90-degree opening of equipment doors or

hinged panels. Equipment associated with the electrical instal-lation

located above or belowthe electrical equipment shall be

permitted to extend not more than 6 inches (152 mm) beyond

the front of the electrical equipment.

E3305.4 Location of clear spaces. Required working space
shall not be designated for storage.
Panelboards and over-current
protection devices shall not be located in clothes closets
or bathrooms.

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When you run across a panel like this, do you wrestle with the cover trying to take it off, or just advise them of the problem. I've had some like that one where I almost dropped the cover into the panel trying to wiggle it out the door.

Did you notice the inspection sticker on the inside of the door? Do you think it was approved inside a prior cabinet?