Electric Panel Question?

Is there anything wrong with this panel?
As you can see the neutral is on the right, but they have neutral anf gound wires attached to the buss. The same for the left side where they have neutral and ground all on the smae buss. Is this a problem? The wiring job looks great and is a brand new home.

Notice the bar running across the middle…this ties both buss bars together and one of them should be bonded to the enclosure. Yes, having grounded and grounding conductors on both buss bars are fine in this panel.

Now, I dont like the bundling of cables coming in through single openings…maybe those are coming in and only going up a few feet of conduit…for protection…don’t know…but to answer your original question…it is fine in regards to the buss bars.

Thanks Paul,

I thought this was OK but just wanted to make sure. And yes the bundeling of cables only goes up to the floor joist and then they are seperated.

another question…I notice the GEC runs up the same conduit as the service conductors…is this correct.

As nice as the tie wraps make this panel look, I would suggest cutting them out so the wires dissipate heat better.

another question…I notice the GEC runs up the same conduit as the service conductors…is this correct.

Hey Paul,
Yes this is correct, the Gounding cable runs thru the same conduit as the service conductors and then runs out the bottom of the meter base in conduit to the ground and then the grounding conductor is attached to a ground rod. along with the cable and phone. WHY?

Is the conduit Plastic or Metal…?

Well…really all depends and since it was passed by the AHJ…I will leave it alone on the GEC to the meter in the same conduit issue…others will probably not agree with me anyway on the possible issues so it’s pointless.

But here are my problems with it…and they are MINE…ONLY

1.) If their is a large enough fault on the GEC it could damage the other conductors within the conduit.

2.) Depending on it’s connection or how it is touching the meter enclosure…could become a parrallel path…

Anyway…guess it is just me…I like the GEC either at the meter or the panel…simple and sweet…not connecting through both.

The conduit is plastic…and never touches any of the metal parts of the panel or the meter base.

I also agree on having the cable ties cut off. A well driller had an issue here where he could only shut the well pump off by throwing the main till he found where a cable tie had cut through 2 wires, always power to each circuit when the other breaker was off. Cut the ties they look good but don’t act good.