Electric Snow Melting or Deicing Receptacle

*[FONT=Times-Italic][size=2]For outdoor receptacles that are not readily accessible and are supplied by a dedicated branch circuit for electric snow-melting or deicing equipment shall be permitted to be installed in accordance with 426.28.

**426.28 Equipment Protection. **

[/size][/FONT]Ground-fault protection of equipment shall be provided for fixed outdoor electric deicing and snow-melting equipment, except for equipment that employs mineral-insulated, metal-sheathed cable embedded in a noncombustible medium. [FONT=Arial][size=2]Section 426-28 requires ground fault protection of equipment for fixed outdoor electric deicing and snow-melting equipment, the trip ratings for these devices are usually in the 30 milliamp and higher range (anything higher than the 6 milliamps for a Class A GFCI device)[/size][/FONT]


Joe. is that to say that, like electric pipe heaters, these items should have there oun dedicated plug that ISN’T gfi, or gfi rated for 30 miliamps?

Jay: Here’s some additional information