Electric Water Heater connected to grinder pump via TPR

I just encountered an electric water heater where the tpr discharge was connected to a pump that moved the water to a grinder pump. The likely reason for this is they did not want to install a new drain in the basement floor. Has anyone encountered this before and is this an acceptable solution? If there is a large discharge I could see this system failing.

Few questions.
How was it connected?
What year was the home and water heater?

Do you have any pictures?

Why would you need that? My TPR would just dump onto the floor. No drain there.


ANY discharge is a system failure!!


What kind of pump? Sump pump? condesate pump?

regrdless it certainly sounds wrong.

Please post pictures.

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Image please.

TPR Valves and Discharge Piping

The TPR discharge termination must be visible for the all-so-obvious reason that you can see if water is coming out. It doesn’t matter about the macerating pump, the discharge shouldn’t go to any kind of lift pump. Water should never be coming out of the discharge. If it does, a plumber needs to be immediately called!