On demand Bosch TPR valve discharge?

Hello all,

In the 6 years I have been doing inspections this is only the third on demand water heater I have come across.

I noticed a couple things wrong with the TPR valve discharge piping. I noticed there is a small leak at one of the connections, there are 4 elbows in the discharge pipe, and TPR valve drain should be independent of any other plumbing…

I thought I would share to see if anyone could explain to me what the braded line was for that is tied into the TPR valve discharge piping?

Is this a different style of TPR valve?

Thank you

Please see attached photos

The braided line is the hot water output from the water heater. Technically, that is only a pressure relief valve, not a TPR on a tankless unit. Not sure what you mean about the valve should be independent: The discharge should have no "T"s, but it is typical for the pressure relief valve to be installed at the hot water outlet of a tankless water heater, though they did a pretty crappy job of that one. Download the installation manual and review the specifications for the valve placement there. It’s a listed device.

Ok, Thank you Chuck!