Electrical class available for download

My apologies to all who received notice too late to attend. Others who were unable to attend for other reasons have asked for the course outline and materials.

We will send the course outline and lesson content with all links and downloads to everyone on our mailing list by the end of the week. I want to wait until the end of the week so that anyone who has not yet signed up has an opportunity to get the course.

We had a full house with lots of discussion so we did not cover some of the topics I had planned to cover. The course materials that we are sending out also includes the things that we did not get to cover.

Anyone who is not already on our mailing list and would like the course materials can susbscribe to our free Tips For Success e-mail newsletter here: http://www.bestinspectors.net/tipsforsuccess.htm

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Thanks, George!
As I stated early on in the class, I have a slow internet connection with my wireless, out in a “marginal” area.
Turned out my “marginal” connection dropped, and I was disconnected during class.
Having this on line or available otherwise - when I’m in a “good” connection area, would be helpful!
BTW, I got info on Magnetrip laterr, here on the MB

Thanks for the class George, I learned a lott.

I told you we would change you from KLott To A Lott

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Happy Aniversary Hank

Happy Anniversary?? That was 3 months ago and i spent it in a hospital in Vegas having a heart attack. But Thanks anyway.

Good meeting George.

Sorry I saw a post today where you said someone gave you a reddie, did not pay attention to the date you posted.

John if I might make a suggestion, it would go smoother maybe if you asked people to stay on subject and post question within a short time frame, then whoever could post the answer before moving on to the next. The way it went last night, it was hard at times to know which answer applied to which question. I know you will get the bugs out, please don’t take this wrong I enjoyed it very much. 90 minutes went by real fast!

The Instructor does have the option to stop the chit chat during the presentation. They just have to let me know to turn on that option because right now i have all the moderation turned off. Also Ken that post with the anniversary was posted back in August but thanks for the thought.