Electrical defects PowerPoint presentation by Joe Tedesco. Enjoy.


Sort of short


What’s with the floating bottle extension?!:shock:

I agree with Richard this Power Point is very short, nice but short.


What’s wrong with you…That is a waterproof outlet used outdoors when it’s raining!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Picture yourself lying on an inflatable raft in the back yard pool, watching the Super Bowl on the small portable TV which is also nestled in an inner tube with a bottom. You will need power of some kind. What a wonderful idea! Lets make up an extension cord with a floating receptacle made from a JOY dishwashing liquid bottle. Won’t the neighbors be envious. This would be a front runner for the Darwin Award except for that pesky GFCI kept tripping off.

What GFCI Doug :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:



That was 100% pure speculation as I did not see any charred bodies floating nearby. The first time I saw this photo years ago I could not imagine anyone being that utterly stupid. I hope to God they have been fixed so as not to reproduce and vote in any elections.

older pictures that have been around awhile…would have been nicer to actually have verbage on each one to help explain the issues to the HI’s in terms they can understand versus just images. While images tell you alot…verbage is always helpful for the HI’s to learn from.

Speaking of powerpoints, I noticed something a while back. The grounding and bonding powerpoint on this site (http://www.nachi.org/presentations.htm) is identical to one by Tom Trainor, except for the first slide. Is Tom a member here? If not, I’m giving him a free plug. :mrgreen: The first slide on the one on this site has NACHI stuff, and the one of Tom’s says:

Yeah…I saw that on here somewhere also…I think it was also posted over on HOLT…

A new one by Joe Tedesco… second link down: http://www.nachi.org/joetedescoppt2007.htm