Electrical Inspection Training

Worth 4 Continuing Education credit hours.

OK, now that’s customer service. Tried to buy this class on line and couldn’t make the web site work. E-mailed fastreply and in 9 minutes got a reply from Nick. Less than one hour later Ben was on the phone–problem solved. How you guys have the time to respond so quickly I don’t know but it’s five star customer service. Thanks.

Keith…let me say this first hand…Nick and Ben are first class and very hands on guys. I have met them both, nick a few times and Ben for the first time a few weeks ago. You are not going to find a better group of guys.

I just finished watching the video. IMHO it left a lot to be desired.

  1. Not really sure why you had a side kick. I would much rather have you speaking to me instead of your sidekick.

  2. I could not see most of the defects that you were telling Ben about in the panel. Maybe you could put some really closeup shots at the right angle so that a person can see what you are talking about.

  3. Many times you verbally go into what may be a scenario that you run into. A picture of that scenario would be nice to understand the message that you are trying to rely.

  4. When purchasing an educational video I want education, not a comedy show.

I consider electrical to be one of my weakest points as an inspector, I didn’t learn anymore than what I already knew. My comments are not meant to be critical, but this was marketed as being the premier educational video. I just didn’t see it as such.

After watching the video I wanted to share my thoughts.

I don’t know if my expectations were just to high or if it should have been advertised differently. I think it is a good tool for a new inspector. The information given was pretty basic. I was hoping to learn much more than I did. A seasoned inspector will gain very little from it. Online video training is going to be pretty useless, if this is the premier video for educational purposes (as advertised).

Get rid of your side kick. I would rather have you speaking to me instead of a grown man standing there smiling at you all the time. I found that smile to be rather disturbing during the video.

Cut back on the comedy routines. More facts about electrical inspection and less comedy would be better suited for a paid training video.

Please stop quoting code numbers for violations. Most of us don’t know or care what number it is anyway. You really reminded me of Joe T when you were calling out code numbers.

The close ups of defects need to be better. I couldn’t see most of the problems during the closeup shots. Either the shot wasn’t close enough or it was at the wrong angle. Maybe some still shots edited in would help.

Many times in the video you would be telling us about a problem and then get side tracked telling us about something else that might happen. The only problem I had with that is you didn’t have anything visual to show us what you were talking about. Please remember that we are not electricians or code guys. It may be hard for most to visualize the item that you went off track with.

I do hope that you make another one on an advanced level. As an inspector I consider electrical to be my weakest area. I was hoping to improve on that knowledge with your video, but that didn’t happen.

Thanks Greg. That’s exactly the feedback I was looking for.

Thank you for your comments…While I don’t agree with them I accept them and maybe someone else ( maybe yourself ) should do one as my method is my method, my nature is my nature and I believe I quoted less than 10 codes in the whole 3 hours+ of video and it was to establish points.

You wanted the " whole ball of wax " in a 3 hour video. It clearly does not say this is an advanced video and what about the people struggling on the concepts versus the advanced guys. You simply can’t bridge the two in a single video…impossible task to achieve.

I learned early on that I will not satisfy everyone and if anyone bases their choices on a single persons feelings than well I would not want that person to watch the video anyway because their view is tainted before they even watch it. Opinions are good but as educational video’s go ( and I have worked with some big names ) this is a good video. It was put out their to give an overview of the electrical panel and I happen to throw in a few other things while I was in the house simply because I wanted to…nothing more as it could have been a 2 hour video or less really…a panel is a panel…cut and dry…thats all it is, defects are not hard YET when you make that statement I can only say this…I have been in NACHI for nearly 5 years now and I STILL get the same questions asked on this board…about GFCI’s, about AFCI’s about common defects that to me are kindergarden level…yet they still keep coming…over and over and over again that I simply want to scream USE THE SEARCH FEATURE as we have comment on it before…yet they still keep coming…

SO while you need advanced…many still simply dont know the basics…I would love to do a more advanced video but at what point will the more advanced training go right over inspectors heads, you already don’t want code references but without establishing a safety standard you have nothing and ICC Certified people know this need.

It is NOT the holy grail for electrical, comedy is my style…that will never change so maybe another expert is needed in future videos…I am not that DRY…sorry…

P.S. ( know you know Nick hypes everything, so all it the premier anything you wish. However here is the objective as stated on the page where you purchase the video. )

Training Video Objective:
The purpose of this training video is to teach good practice on how to perform an inspection of the common components of a residential electrical system, including the service, panelboard, "sub"panel, meter, kitchen, bathroom, and interior. You will learn how to inspect an electrical panel, including identifying common electrical violations, defects and concerns. Follow the instructor as he performs inspections at mock-up panels and components in the studio and on-location at two residential properties. This video is open to members and non-members of InterNACHI.

It achieves all it’s objectives. Again, as I stated in many other posts that it is not the “CONCOR” all electrical video. It has an objective and it meets with. You simply wanted everything in 3 hours and it is not possible. It may happen in the future a more advanced video if InterNACHI wants it but how advanced do we go in the point where it is over a persons head…would you like me to talk about Harmonics, Vectors, transient voltages, SPD’s and so on. This is not an electricians video by all means and throwing me in the same class as Joe T is insulting quite frankly.

Greg, I think you did very well in your video. Good job. Your side kick did a great job too. :)(smiling)

Thanks Ben,

No disrespect but the video you linked to was not an educational video or one that required payment. Nothing against you, I just didn’t see a need for you in the electrical video (just my opinion). I felt that you were more of a distraction than a benefit.

In fairness this is the first educational video that I have watched on NACHI_TV. As stated in my original post maybe my expectations were just to high. I know that Paul has helped a lot of inspectors here over the years. I am not trying to take anything away from that. Bottom line the video didn’t meet my expectations or help increase my knowledge about electrical as an inspector.

I want to thank both of you as this experience has shown me that NACHI has little regard for veteran inspectors. Maybe that is why most of the people that were here 5 years ago are gone or rarely post here anymore.


Sorry that you took my comments the way you did. I am not the type of person that is going to kiss *** or brown nose someone to gain favor. I always tell it like I see it and let the chips fall where they may.

Good Luck with your future videos.

So you wanted a video that ONLY catered to “Experienced” home inspectors and could careless about the people still trying to learn. Also you wanted it to be a " holy grail " approach to electrical training and if you did not learn something you label the educational value as useless. Am I correct in this statement. I go over sizing a service, explain the difference in grounding and bonding and the importance of it, explain how GFCI’s and AFCI’s work and show the process of inspecting an electrical panel…not sure it meets your needs but it may meet others needs.

I offer this solution for you :

**Return Policy

**We take pride in the advanced education we provide at NACHI.TV. If you aren’t satisfied with any video you purchase, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund. If the video is associated with a course, this refund will void your course certificate.

Personally I welcome the comments but I know the questions that get asked me and I address alot in the video and the video is my style and I wont change my style for NACHI or anyone so that is non-negotible in itself so future videos should possibly not include me but I dont do dry videos…sorry.

As for Ben in the video…I dont need to kiss ben’s A**…I have been paid(already)and I dont make a dime on the video other than my original fee which was the fee I get no matter where I teach and sometimes more. And for the record ben is in only Part I of the video…and the end good-bye portion…unfair to Ben…those statements are piss poor in “MY” opinion.


Your responses to this thread really remind me of the last electrical guru we had here. He couldn’t take constructive criticism either. I guess you electrical code guys are a lot alike.

lol…how did I know you would say that…lol

No I said I welcome your comments…just not sure what you were looking for in a training video. Without knowing everyones level of electrical education it would be impossible to provide that “Holy Grail”.

Oh Electrical Code Guys are VERY alike in certain ways…no doubt I can’t dispute that statement. However, it is in our approach to the training and methods that differ. Where is my first love…Electrical Codes and Quoting Them…where is my second love…trying my hardest to convey them down to home inspectors without making it too complicated.

Nothing more…nothing less…remember I won’t change in my style regardless of criticism as my method has been doing quite fine for me. What we NEED to know from your criticism is not blasting Ben or Me but what you expected in such a video that would teach you something you don’t already know…thats where critics are valued.

Notice the title of some videos on NACHI.TV

Advanced HVAC Training for Inspectors (21 CE hours)

Advanced Inspection of Crawlspaces (3 CE hours)

honestly Greg…I did not know we were going for an “Advanced” training video with this educational segment. Just how advanced would we need to go. We have talked about doing a video of a complete “whole house” electrical inspections but to a veteran I am not sure what it would achieve…believe it or not many of the “veterans” ask questions about weird and individualised conditions that to be honest with you I would not know how to re-create for filming. Access to older panels and systems is becoming very rare and hard to find…so while I really…honestly understand your view, I also realized I can’t please everyone and so I dont even try anymore.

Just my opinions Greg…and I also speak my mind without reservation…it is what it is…you know what I mean.

BTW…it does come with the following policy.

Return Policy

We take pride in the advanced education we provide at NACHI.TV. If you aren’t satisfied with any video you purchase, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund. If the video is associated with a course, this refund will void your course certificate.

lol…Since it appears my responses are “Crying”…lol…which I kinda did not think I was…I offer this solution:

**Return Policy

**We take pride in the advanced education we provide at NACHI.TV. If you aren’t satisfied with any video you purchase, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund. If the video is associated with a course, this refund will void your course certificate.

Again, I am sorry you found the video useless and pointless. It was not my intent, I however hope it helps someone out there who needs assistance in understanding electrical panel inspections.

My response was not looking for a refund. If you go back and read my posts I never asked for a refund nor did I say that it was useless or pointless for anyone that watched it.

Thanks Paul it was fun rolling around in the mud with you. I am sure that we both have better things to do with our time than this.


Greg, how did you in the Challenge? I don’t see your ranking. http://www.nachi.org/challenges.htm

The Electrical Panel Challenge is based upon the training video that you said had “basic information” and did not help a veteran inspector like yourself. The panel in the Challenge is the same panel in the video.

If the video is basic for you, then so should the Challenge.

I’ll wait for your ranking to be posted. Let’s see how well you do.


I don’t understand your criticism?
Having someone else asking questions is not a problem (Ben in video). It would be like a journalist conducting an interview without a guest / interviewee. Get a robot or a computer program for that.
If electrical is your weakest area, how could you not learn something from Pauls and Ben’s video?

I watched your video and noticed one of the most IMPORTANT basic factors of inspecting an electrical panel… And you missed it completely… Tell me what is it?:shock:

We all have our varying degrees of knowledge and backgrounds yet those who are not willing to “review” or hone their skills or learn from mistakes are doom to repeat them often with harmful / deadly effects.

It is impossible for anyone to teach every aspect of one topic in one video. I do find references to codes now useful due to the fact that I have an NEC code book and can followup with my book on the topic.

Geez… Paul why didn’t you cover 3 phase in that last video!:roll: or how to drop down 425KVA to 60 volts at .005% distortion…!:wink:

Ben, the next time you should have a red clown nose on. :smiley:

Lets keep it boring guys… I want boring!!!