Electrical Inspection Training Video

Looks good.

Can’t wait to see it.

I really like the magnets for the dead front.

DO the magnets come in purple?

Good job guys and girls

We’ve got a discount deal on the magnet handles coming with the video.


You have chosen the perfect Electrician for this video. Go get em’ Paul.

What’s the cost going to be to view this video?


Training NEVER costs, it Always, PAYS.

God i am fat…As long as I make it though this without being harpooned I am a WINNER!


I used to have one of those beach ball stomachs.

I got tired of looking at it, so I worked it off.

Don’t let it bother ya. It’s the electrical information that you put out that’s important.

Nick told me he had to order the wide angle lens specially :wink:

“Thar she blows” :mrgreen:

Sorry mate, just had to do it :twisted:


Thanks Ben and Paul, I’m looking forward to it.

Why doesn’t the purchase link work Ben??
I want my NACHI TV!! Not MTV…NACHI TV…:wink:

I think you guys got two “power houses” of education on this video.

Can I get the Special pricing?..:smiley:

What link? Where? It’s not up online yet.

I see / saw the following so I thought it was…




The training video is online and ready for everyone.

On sale for $27.
Regularly $100.
Sale ends July 20th.

Worth 4 Continuing Eduction credit hours.

If you purchase the video now, you can watch it anytime later. You have unlimited access and unlimited viewing.

The Electrical Inspection training video is great!

Paul’s passion / knowledge for the Subject / topic is priceless. Part 2 starts the excitement:D

“Energy helps” with teaching a topic. Nothing is more boring when a topic is explained like paint drying.

Paul you put some serious “current” in your presentation=D>

Thanks Paul, Ben!!

Patrick glad to hear you like it however does the video do what it was created for? Are you 100% confident now you can inspect a panel without doubt do to this video?


Every Inspector regardless if they feel confident about electrical should watch and learn from this video.

Inspection of electrical is not a weak point for me (my personal view).

I believe is every inspector has one or more topics that they feel are very knowledgeable about BUT what about the rest? To be “more” knowledgeable" about one area of inspection yet weak in others is all the more reason to learn everything you can about as much as you can.

Even if you think you know it all . So many details we may overlook due to “overconfidence” and complacency can bite you later. :wink:

Paul Abernathy pointed some details out that I see very very often but I did not consider as important as he made it. I wonder why it is overlooked by so many in the field. $$$$

I agree however my question was there is some here in which electrical is extremely week to them. Does this video do justice in educating exactly what one needs to inspect on a electrical panel? I don’t want to invest if they only shows parts of something and skip on to other things. I want to see from start to finish what they are looking at when it comes to the panel.

Yes Billy,

It is worth the small 27 dollar investment special many times over. Paul goes above and beyond from a perspective that is fellow Home Inspector / with IAEI professional knowledge without over kill and more than you need as a home inspector.

Even at 100 bucks the benefit is well worth it. Bottom line: Every inspector SHOULD watch this! It just might save a life…theirs!