Free, online "Advanced Electrical Inspection Training" video course

The online *Advanced Electrical Inspection Training *video course covers the following topics:

  • Inspecting the electrical panel, the interior, the bathroom, the kitchen;
  • Grounding and bonding;
  • Determining the size of the service;
  • Safety procedures;
  • Common electrical defects and concerns;
  • Inspecting the panel and "sub"panel;
  • Double-taps and over-fusing;
  • Sizing the A/C breaker;
  • Multi-wire branch circuits;
  • Aluminum wires;
  • Electric dryers and appliances;
  • Service conductors;
  • Grounding rods, GECs, and water pipes;
  • Electrical inspection devices and tools;
  • Infrared on breakers;
  • Federal Pacific and Zinsco;
  • GFCI and AFCI breakers and receptacles;
  • Proper procedures for testing devices;
  • Electrical violations;
  • Disconnects for detached structures; and
  • Much more.

The online *Advanced Electrical Inspection Training *video course includes:

  • 4 CE hours;
  • 3 and 1/2 hours of training video;
  • 8 quiz questions;
  • inspection procedural checklist for electrical panels (downloadable PDF);
  • 25-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  • instant grading; and
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.

Right on Ben! I will go through in the winter season and am looking forward to it.

Just finished it, Ben. Excellent course !

The video are indexed for you on at this thread

It comes with a free inspection checklist for panel boards.