Electrical issue

Performed an inspection last week. Had an issue where a stranded wire was split and shoved under either side of the breaker’s lug in the main electric service panel. Reported this as incorrect and a qualified electrician should repair.

Seller’s realtor reports: electrician insists there is no problem with this, though he could put smaller connectors on, but then you’d have to add a wire nut to the wire (i.e. MORE connections). Electrician says it is solid and not loose and there is no problem.

What I need is some clarification or code to give to the realtor to back up my findings.

If She has an electrician who will take the liability of saying it is fine then You are done imho…let Him write a letter on His company logo stating so and it’s all good…You reported what You saw …

There should be no need to split a conductor to make it fit the breaker. What size wire and breaker was involved?

That was the problem Jim the wire size was #8 and breaker was 20 amp. Original installer had to split the strands so it would fit lug.

Well then that 's the problem. The CB can only terminate a conductor within it’s listed size range. From the photo it appears to me that it’s a #6.

I don’t think that looks like a #6.

Last week saw a 20 amp Cutler-Hammer BR that would accept up to a #6.

So you’re guessing that it’s actually larger than a #6? Could be, maybe I should have said it appears to be at least a #6. A 20 amp QO CB is listed for a #8 conductor.

Looking at the pic… and based upon experience… the Sparky is or was the homeowner/seller!

As Jim stated, the conductor is too large for the breaker, thus needing to “split” it.

Not acceptable! :wink:

Yes Robert, I think it might be larger than #6. I was not very clear.

Why would anyone want to connect 8 Ga wire to 20A CB?:shock:

Keep in mind… it’s AL, not CU.


Even with Al it is still good for a minimum of 30A CB.

They might have had an electric stove and now have a gas stove .
The gas stove only requires an 120 v receptacle .
An easier way to do it is with an adapter .


15 A. 1875 W. 125 V. Gas range adapter converts 220 V to 110 V. Grounded. Simply plug gas range into this adapter, then into the existing electric range outlet. Built-in 15-A fuse for safety.

Interesting gadget Roy. And includes a handy fuse. What will China come up with next.