Electrical lines touching gas lines.

This is Wyatt Wilson in Texas and I am taking the Electrical course. What needs to be done with the electrical lines that cross gas lines in an attic? I ask for insulation to be present between the lines or move the electrical lines away from the gas line.

IMO it’s not an issue. What would you cite as the source requiring insulation or separation of the two?

It’s pretty much a universal convention in the Houston area. I don’t have an authoritative source for it.

The only “issue” that could be presented(and would take an academy award presentation) is the likely to be become energized in terms of those gas lines and invoke the interpretation of meeting 250.104(B)…but of course the bonding of the “gas” lines may already be taking effect.

Personally I have seen people invoke this…to where I say…do you expect the “JACKET or COVERING” on the wiring method to just disappear or assume damage to the cable at that EXACT SPOT…but I digress.

It’s a “No-Issue” but makes for great rookie debates at inspector meetings and of course the dooms day "prep"er’s meetings also…