Electrical Panel Gloves

Can any body recommend a good brand of gloves for inspecting electrical panels, most of the ones I have used are very unconfortable. I have been bare handing it for a while, but I think I should get a good pair of gloves.

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They are arc flash rated, not really essential for residential, but great for commercial thermography. They are not really electricians gloves, but work well for inspecting panels.

I frankly, don’t wear gloves when inspecting residential panels.

I don’t wear gloves either. I also don’t touch anything in the panel.

You should wear gloves, the panel could be energized.

Opening the electric panel bare-handed is a lot like starting a piece of heavy equipment with ether spray. We all know you shouldn’t do it, but we all do it anyway.

Don’t forget panel magnets, they work great, only use one thou, got from inspector outlet, give it a try…!

Yes I do recommend ensuring the panel is not engergized prior to removal as well :slight_smile:

Another inspector and me was inspecting a large boarding school and there was a row of six panels. The other inspector started pulling covers and I could hear him yell or see him shake each time he took four of the covers off. Wires have fallen off of the conductors and was just laying there. This inspector told me at first he thought he was shaking just because he was getting old. For some reason, I could not get him to put the covers back on.:mrgreen:

I think this is elementary… but I’m gonna say it anyway.

A panel that is not energized when you walk up to it and loosen dead front screws may become energized at any point thereafter… exposed wires or conductors etc.

Wearing gloves is essential IMO.

I don’t wear gloves. I am at the same potential as the panel cover… unless I am taking it off bare footed on the slab or holding one hand on a pipe unrelated to the electrical system.


As you remove the cover, a rare scenario could occur where the panel cover becomes hot while the panel box remains grounded. If one hand is touching the box and the other is holding the cover, the current travels through your heart.

Unlikely, but possible.