Electrical Gloves


I am a new inspector and was wondering what are the best type of electrical gloves to buy for inspecting a panel. I know I shouldn’t really be touching anything live, but its better safe than sorry.


Tim W

I don’t use gloves for opening a panel unless I’m on wet ground.
I also carry a rubber mat if it is wet .

Just grab a couple 1000V screwdrivers and a good pair of leather gloves. You should be good.

I have a pair of these

And how often do you actually wear them (residential)?

Just for the record the gloves that Marc posted are not meant to be worn without an outer leather glove over it but it might be arguable that they’re better than no glove at all.

All panels. Yeah I know but with little few minute use hopefully they’ll last.
I “guess they won’t work” if there’s a cut/tear/hole in them. hee hee ha ha :wink:
Rob what’s the purpose for the leather besides protecting them. It’s hard enough to pick up a screw/dexterity.

I had a flash one (with a big bang-electrical explosion) a few years ago.
I was too close/didn’t see it but my assistant said there was a flash/flame shoot above my head.
It wasn’t my time to go! So on with the glove.

I wear cheap Latex gloves part of the time and maybe they will protect me somewhat I hope.
Figure better than nothing and as Marc mentioned hard to work with.Same reason when doing pole work I never wore them and preferred nothing in sub zero weather.
Messed up hands now but at least I got the job done.

If you choose to wear gloves…just make sure they actually fit. Many times the gloves are so OVER rated (voltage and exposure wise) that you loose feel and could create more of an issue that you would have had without gloves.

Always check your panel for current…check the screws with ticker or meter if you have one. When pulling off the panel use it as a shield and pull it straight back…and when in the panel…do wear protective glasses and probe only with a non-conductive stick (if you must move something to see something)…no need to reach in.

FYI- If a Circuit Breaker pops out…click it off, plug it back in and notify the real estate agent or seller that the breaker is off and needs to be reset if you do not feel comfortable resetting it…or feel the SOP police will arrest you.

If you do not know how to replace a Circuit Breaker…then I question ALOT already.

When I feel the need for gloves which is probably less that 5% of the time I use Salisbury Lineman Gloves Class 00 EPDM 11" Blue with leather glove protectors.

Paul (my electrical guru ha ha) what’s the purpose of leather outer gloves over the rubber?
Seriously no jokes I think it’s for rubber protection for cuts/tears, etc. but would like to know am I’m missing something here?
Love - <<MG>> former GESCO purchasing agent).
OK fine I’m dating myself back in the 70’s. :slight_smile:

Yes that is what they are for, I believe they are also recommended to be replaced or tested periodically.

I don’t think butt gloves will protect ya! :wink:


Yes, to protect the integrity of the rubber from potential tears and cuts is the key role. It works as a system with the the inners.