Electrical Panel and Golves


Do any of you use gloves when opening the electrical panels? Some type of protective glove to shield you from any type of shock? I heard someone using it, I never have and was curious to find out.

Well, you already know that is good practice but do not ask me if I do it.:slight_smile:
You also know that guys doing it will have the biggest comments .

No, but you can bet I never climb onto a roof without my leather gloves. :wink:

I can’t seem to get hold of the screws and work my screw driver with gloves on. I check the panel with a voltage ticker and say my prayers every day.

Nope, I always forget them in the truck and never walk back for them.

Just leather gloves and i do know better, More for protecting from those dang black widows . I do check the cover most of the time for voltage .

You should read: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f19/thanks-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-tv-home-inspection-videos-55674/

No, forty two years without gloves have trouble working with them. You have to know electricity or it will bite you. I had a very good teacher growing up my Dad had me running wire at seven years old never had time to play had to go to work with him. The old French man believed work was more important then playing.

But you did not answer the question.
Tell the truth.

Thank you Guys,

Is it a special type of glove for this? Not Polyester or Nylon…just in case… Thank you

I don’t wear them, but, they may not help in certain instances, like the one below!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Metal mesh is best.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, available at your local electrical supplier.

Cost may vary–$40 to $80.

Whats wrong with $1.99 rubber playtex.?