Electrical Panel in Bathroom

Inspected a condo today that was built in 1978. The electrical panel was located in the basement bathroom (shower, sink and toilet). I know this cant be acceptable, even for 1978 ? Correct?

Nec 1993.

Download the app. Code History Master. For your phone if you have capability. I refer to it a lot and always on site with me. Its even broken down by years or components.

The basement was probably unfinished in 1978

Acceptable when installed, I would check for any signs of corrosion. If none, than don’t report on it. Maybe recommend lockable cover, to jeep safe from children.

You’d better approach an electrician. It is not something to be guessed of. I think an expert in electrical repair service could explain you clearly. I use to ask these kind of doubts to my electrician. And he uses to give perfect answers also. I always prefer an electrician from ‘The Shock Doctors’ at Orillia. They are very good at their service.