Panel in Bath

I had an inspection today with the electrical panel in the bath. The home was built in 1952 and I am assuming some kind of grandfathering rule will prevail. Anyway, if you see this on a home of this age how do you write it up or do you write it up? Thanks in advance!

I just mention the location however if there is exessive corrosion I recommend repairs and while not required because of the age, to consider relocation.

years ago I was sent to tile a tub,shower enclosure…when i got there right in the middle of the back wall of the shower was the main panel…I just shook my head …told the people they had a death wish that i wanted no part of and walked away…some people aren’t smart enough to own homes…jmo…jim

Thanks for the reply guys! I have only had this happen one other time and don’t recall how I worded it. I was surprised to see such an old panel with not even a hint of rust!:smiley: :smiley:

did it meet the clearance requirements, does not sound like it provide a safe environment for a electrician to work in

The clearance was fine and I agree with all the water going on in the bath.

Today’s building practices forbid placing the electrical service panel in bathrooms and clothes closets. Recommend that the electrical service panel located in the bathroom be relocated by a qualified and licensed electrician.

(Further discussion in the two instances where I found them in the bathroom centered on how these standards develop. "After it is found to be unsafe on enough occasions where people have died and homes have burnt down, the building practices have evolved. For instance, it used to be okay to smoke in a hospital lobby years ago, but what we have learned regarding the effects of second hand smoke has caused that to change. Medical science once called for the letting out of blood when a person was sick in order to allow the body to produce new blood that did not have the disease. After decades of bleeding people to death, that standard changed as well. Today, we know it is unsafe for the dweller and the home to have a service panel in the bathroom — and, accordingly, I am recommending that it be removed.)

Thanks Jim!

Perhaps I’m incorrect but I didn’t know that panels have ever been allowed to be in a bathroom. I’ve only ever seen them there after a Harry Homeowner remodel, though.