Electrical panel question

This panel is in a condo I inspected today. It looks good to me except I didn’t see a ground of any sort. Am I right about calling out the ground? Did I miss anything else? Thanks for any input.


panel 2.jpg

Typically a condo is load-side equipment.

Maybe they used the conduit for the grounding?

Also, if load-side equipment, the neutral bar doesn’t appear isolated with that green screw installed.

If it’s wired in pipe, the pipe is permitted to serve as the ground. He’s right, that if this is an installation where the pipe is the ground, that bond screw needs to disappear.

Thanks for the input on the conduit being used as the ground, it is attached to rigid metal conduit. The bond screw is attached to the neutral bar but not attached to or touching anything else, it just sticks out behind where you see ti screwed in, it didn’t appear to really be doing anything. Do you still think it needs to be removed?

It looks like it is all the way in, if not it must be too short.

I would make sure it is not reaching the panel hole and would still disclose that it is electrically correct but present where someone could tighten it therefore it should be removed.

Agreed…If that panel is indeed a “remote” distribution panel and the conduit is being used as the 4th conductor ( technically speaking ) then yes indeed the bonding screw needs to be removed.

Also that 60 amp back-feed breaker needs to be secured.


**(F) Back-Fed Devices **Plug-in-type overcurrent protection devices or plug-in type main
lug assemblies that are backfed and used to terminate field-installed ungrounded supply
conductors shall be secured in place by an additional fastener that requires other than a
pull to release the device from the mounting means on the panel.