Electrical panel working space

This is a plumbing clamp for the refrigerator over the service panel. Does this plumbing violate clearances, dedicated space, for electrical panels? How about the main supply pipe? I had to move the supply pipe in order to open the panel door. I know the space is not acceptable, I am wondering about the plumbing.

Sorry about the sideways photo, I rotated the photo but when it uploaded, it reverted back.

Of course if violates the workspace for the panel. And a saddle tee valve above the panel to boot…call it all out.

As Brad has stated, it does violate the working space provision of Section 110.26(A)(1). However, it also would violate Section 110.26(E)(1)(a) as well.

Now in terms of codes, it could be an issue of knowing the dates involved for the installation to determine what was permitted at the time of the installation. However, that is a code inspectors problem…as an HI it is unsafe and is called out regardless.