Panel Enclosures / Working Space

Do you note limitations of working spoace when you encounter panels within framed cabinet enclosures?

Yes. Especially like last Wednesday, when it was in an enclosed space like your photograph…and over a toilet.

I questioned this practice a while back on here and was informed by more than one sparky who frequent this board that calling this out is wrong and that this is quite an acceptable installation.

I agree that it’s acceptable, so long as the entire cover has the required clearance when the cabinet is opened. You should be unimpeded when removing the cover.

There is a depth rule too. Anything within the 30" window in front of the panel should not be beyond the face of the panel. Jim Pauley says you should be able to push a refrigerator box up to the panel and touch the whole cover.

In your case, if that door frame was only an inch or so past the panel I might not get too concerned but it is still a violation. In a practical sense, can you stand close enough without anything in your way to get unimpeded access to everything in there?