Electrical sistem

Support of the white beards, it is the first time that I see this installed in the garage, they could confirm what it is and what it is for!

Thank You.

What was the amperage on that tag and what kind of plug was on that cord?
That would help.

That is a manual transfer switch. Often used for a generator. Utility power in upper on position. Off in center. Generator power in lower on position. Likely the cord attached to it is that plugs into the portable generator. I assume it has a 30A Male Twist Lock Plug on the end of it. Got a picture?


Do not take additional photos, but if you were male and had 4 connectors.

Makes sense for a generator manual transfer switch. This is what the plug more than likely looked like. IT may have been 20 or 30 or even 50A but this is the general idea:

Did you take a picture of the interior of the switch? They can be tricky to open when energized. You need to turn a hidden latch on the side with a screwdriver usually.

Good question I would be curious to see how this is set up. My guess is that one panel feeds the MTS and the load side of the MTS is feeding the other panel.

that makes sense. I would love to see of it os all wired properly. I always have to take my time on setups like this as it is a lot of wiring and have to make sure there is no means of gen getting power back to utility.

I have called them A-B switches. Two sources of input with the center lugs the outputs. Just wired two of them for utility power or UPS filtered power. Allows the data servers to run on utility while the UPS is serviced.

A-B switch, that sounds like a throw back to the VCR days in the 80’s. :smiley: