Electrical Terms & Cable Glossary

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Figured someone might find this helpful, Below is a link to a online electrical terms glossary.


Thanks Paul ! :smiley: I love links…

and a couple more useful ones pertinent to our career :

Real Estate and Mortgage Glossary…
Natural Gas Glossary
Roofing Glossary

Exellent Steven…Glossary’s are GOOD !

We need to put all this stuff in one place, kinda like an online library. There is so much useful information posted here everyday that it’s hard to keep up with it all.

Steve…once the electrical guru site is done…it will have all the references listed on here. I am releasing my final cut of the " Sizing a Service for Home Inspectors" any minute. Totally different than the sample I sent you.

Just found this, thanks Paul.


Your most welcome Kevin…

I see one that may have a somewhat different connotation. “Cold flow” can also refer to the insulation of a conductor “flowing” away due to pressure from laying across a sharp edge. It is still a cold flow process but the result is a short, not a loose connection.