Frozen wires

1022 Netherland Dr. 139 (Small).jpg

1022 Netherland Dr. 129 (Small).jpgI quess they didn’t want thier wires to freeze

lol…well lets guess that maybe it is conduit under those insulation wraps…lol…and everytime the little lady did the laundry she would get a tingle from rubbing against the pipes…so the husband wrapped them to remove the tingle…:slight_smile:

Lord I hope not…just thinking outside the booze…I mean Box

But since I see it is not conduit…blows that theory…:slight_smile:

Gotta keep them wires warm…

lol…yes…if they get cold…they may BURST and flood the room…:slight_smile:

If they were to crack, all of the amps would run out. Amps have gone up in price, and are harder to refill now.

lol…Ben…I think if you told a home owner that in many cases they would believe that…lol…I like that one…:slight_smile:

Tell them it is like freon…you have a special tool that will collect the amps and return them to the system…lol

Looks like it might be exposed NM wiring subject to damage, which would be a defect without protection. I don’t buy that the foam insulation acts as protection for the wiring … :roll:

maybe just a neat freak (looks better)

You all are wrong

These wires are super conductors and the insulation is to keep the heat out

You all should know that super conductors are needed to help with the energy problems of the country and the green house.

We also need them if we ever have to breed in outer space.