Electrical update question

Inspected a home today that had a complete electrical upgrade and it was very professionally done - permits, inspections and all. The inspection was done by an electrical contractor that the city has a contract with not the local building inspector.

Here is the question: When new wire is fished in a wall for an upgrade it is not tied down as required by NEC. Is this a problem and should it be reported? If so how should it be done short of carving up walls?

As a side note it was done by the home owner. The quality of workmanship and design was excellent.


Cables are permitted to be fished in building cavities without attachment. Consider that the attachments are basicly to hold the cables centered on the framing so that they aren’t damaged when the building’s finishes are being installed. If the building is already finished, the reasoning for attachment becomes moot. It is for this reason also that all old work electrical boxes have built in cable clamping means, since the cable is just fished, and it will hold it from pulling out of the box.

Sounds good to me - Thank you