Here's a new product I saw today

Here’s a new product I saw today, and it is used to keep the cables away from the framing member to help avoid nail penetration when the cables are run parallel to the stud.

The installation of firring strips is also why cables should be kept away from the edge, because a nail will penetrate a cable and may lead to a fire or electrical accident.

And to think that someone made about 1 Mil. for this.

I am in the wrong line of work!

joe, is that caddy, or b-line?

They have been using the plastic “stackers” here for years.
I still don’t like it in a furred wall against block. The rule used to be EMT for that.

BTW the 2005 NEC has grazed the subject but won’t really attack it.

Ben: I am not sure, I don’t think that either one was the product manufacturer. So many new products and lots of new tools and equipment!
EC&M Electric show only for today.

I had a full house of over 55 attending my presentation:

“How to Recognize Electrical Code Violations” it was fun, and I ended with my floating soap bottle!