Electrical Upgrades

I completed two inspections today, both had indicated on the “spis”, that the electrical was upgraded to 100 amps. It was evident from inside the main electrical shutoff that it was 60 amps.
Heres the catch, the owner argued with me that they had an inspection done just a few days ago and that it was definantly 100 amps, what’s going on with these so called inspectors?

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Must have been confused by the 100 amp rating of the box. . .

I assume the fuses were 60 amps?

Yeh I guess he was confused by the 100 amp rating. But once again, the inspector didn’t complete his job, and made a deal fall apart on count of not identifying the problem areas.

I have run into similar situations. Usually results in the RE agent asking " why is it that we hire licensed electricians and then you say it is still wrong?"

My answer varies on those questions as I am still looking for an easy way to answer that.

If they truly hired a Licensed Electrician than they should go back to the Electricians findings and call them back out to verify/correct the situation.

I believe that is why HI’s reccomend Licensed specialists for repairs.

not to question your skills Tyrone, but i’ve seen “upgrades” that still had the fuses on the wall, still had wire in and out of them, but we’re in fact disconnected, or bypassed if you will. i assume that this system was 100% in line and before the “100a” pannel?