Help calling out defects for this new inspector Again!

Would like a little assistance with calling out all the defects in this panel & the amperage of the system.Im thinking it’s a 200 amp system but all the signs of a 100 amp system are present including the meter .So I see the doubled up neutral wires & im wondering if I should say that the old cloth type conduit should be listed as a fire hazard and needs replacement,also there appears to aluminum solid branch wiring but may just be coated thank you for any & all help with this inspector brothers !!

Here’s the meter

Hey Robert,

It looks to me like that’s a 100AMP panel

As for issues I think you could safely use a narrative like this to sufficiently cover yourself:

“The following issues were observed in the electrical system that should be reviewed and corrected by a licensed/qualified professional: Double tapped breaker, doubled neutral wiring, electrical wiring needing identification-marking, rust/corrosion on older fuse box near panel, portions of circuit wiring appear to be older that client should consider upgrading. Recommend corrections as needed.”

Good luck man.


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Why do you think it is a 200 amp service?

Well it has a newer mini-split AC units installed & I was assuming it would need that 200amp service plus it was switched over to a breaker panel from a old fuse type .But it actually has a 60 watt fuse main disconnect that’s still serving the stove …Why switch it over if it’s not going to be upgraded to a 200 amp service?Seems kinda stupid to me but I guess it’s apparently a 100 amp service correct

The meter enclosure is 100 amp, the SE cable is 100 amp and the main circuit breaker is 100 amp. Conclusion, 100 amp service.

I agree with Rob.

It feels good after a few mea culpas. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey Robert, I love the title. I’n my opinion asking questions is a way for all of us to learn from each other. I myself have been finding a lot of things I don’t know about lately and have been asking a lot of questions. I greatly appreciate all the knowledge that everybody offers.

Exactly Cory that why I posted it .This is my first Year Inspecting & getting paid for it .I did 2 Schools & a few months of training on the job . Now that I’m on my own if I’m not 100% positive about what I’m seeing I’m not hesitant to ask someone.I don’t know everything & I want to learn for the next time I see this .Greatly appreciate the feed back.I love my job and I’m grateful for this Forum .God bless you all for the help!!!