Electrical Wiring Stapling...

Guys, I hope I’m not dredging up anything with this one…it is a genuine question.

Stapling of wires on garbage disposals and hot water heaters. I think I’m seeing double vision here…I know it’s required to be secured, but NOBODY DOES IT…Should I keep noting it? Or is it being nit-picky?

Also, What is the maximum length of wire that one can go without stapling?

Thank you in advance gentlemen…


You can do short whips with flexible raceways or type AC but there is really no legal way to do it with Romex.
I also understand it is done every day.
I would write it up but if it really didn’t look like it was being damaged I might not hit it too hard.

Max on Romex is 12" from the box and 4’ along a run

Not to nit pick, but it is 4½ feet.

What about in the attic where it is never, ever secured?

4 1/2’ in the attic too.

The less accessible the attic area the less you worry about strapping and damage. In these 3:12 attics we have here I wouldn’t worry about anything 6’ from the hole unless the air handler was up there. (Bad idea in itself)