Electrical ?

Here are three pics. The one labeled outlet, tested opened ground or missing ground. There are only two wires, hot/neutral. How would one make it so it would test ok. The pic. labeled panel, has ground wires and neutral wires in the same lug. I have seen threads where this is a no no. Again how to fix this situation. The last pic labeled sub panel, I couldn’t see where the bonding strap was because there was not one there. Is there suppose to be one in there, or is it treated differently?


Ground it.

Separate them.
(Although I am loathe to recommend repairs when I am not convinced it’s an issue.)

If it’s a subpanel, then no, there should not be a bonding strap.

May be an upgraded panel in an older house. Looks like the receptacle may be fed with a very old 2-wire feeder with cloth insulation … and might even be hazardous aluminum wiring from the color of the exposed wire (check the end … may be tinned Cu). An option would be GFCI receptacles, but the condition of the existing wiring is suspect in my book based on the pic. May be better just to replace the feeder wires with more modern 2W+G NM or AC cable, but leave that up to an electrician.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink:

This house is over 100 yrs old. I inspected it for a friend who is going to be selling it real soon. On the grounding issue, what your saying is that he should run all new romex throughout the house, because of the ground missing ($). Does this have to be, even though the house is that old. With the wire being tinned cu, is that an issue also? Isn’t that cu with tinned on the outside? Why did they do that in that era? The sub panel looks correct, with no bonding strap?

Pay now or Pay later In this area you get considerable less for the home with out modern wiring .
Some insurance companies no longer give insurance to homes that do not have updated wiring .
The reason the copper was tinned is because they used to solder the joints years ago before the invention of mechanical joints.
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