electricity and water??

I inspected this home to get more experience as I am just starting out. I have tried to find some info on this issue, to me it poses a safety issue. Please see the attached photo.

Picture is fuzzy, cannot distinguish anything. Report with better quality pic, or at least describe what we’re supposed to be looking at, and why.

Go to the control panel and update your info so we know were you are located. Many answers differ from one location to another.

Btw… welcome!

There is nothing wrong with the white pipe run above the lighting outlet.

Sorry the picture is blurry, I couldn’t get it to sharpen up anymore. Hopefully this attached pic will explain more. I am just north of Salt Lake City, Ut. I will be moving to Mn in April.

Only if it’s leaking.

Jeff, the pic shows cpvc piping above the lighting junction box. There is a T connection off to the side.

Thanks Stacey and Jim. Eyes must of been tired last night.

Stacey, believe me, when you get here, the summertime humidity condensing off all the wiring and light fixtures in the basements will make that pic look like a joke from a Carson Dunlop coursebook!

Which part of MN you coming to?

We’re moving to Alexandria. Thanks for the post.

The proximity of electrical components and water piping is not a safety issue.

Unless your standing in a puddle of water and puting in that light bulb.:smiley: