Another oh Sh_t moment !!!

I had the cold water running in the bathroom sink in the almost finished basement (just lacking finished flooring).

After about 10 minutes water was noticed coming from the opposite wall of the sink on the floor, the whirlpool tub started filling up and the toilet would not flush.

I turned the bathroom light on and the whirlpool tub started draining and the toilet would flush. It sounded like a pump came on. The whirlpool tub and toilet were built up about six inches.

Could this be a waist water pump to pump up to the septic tank?
Why would this be controlled by an unmarked light switch?

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Hope that drywall was up 1/2" off the floor like it should be!!!:wink:

I’m not going to take the trim off to find out. I suppose in a few days somebody may notice if the drywall starts stain.

I told the customer I felt bad about it, but he understood there was no way we could have known.

What gets me is the water is on in the house and no heat. It was 30F yesterday, in the house, during the day and the temperatures are suppose to fall this whole week. Somebody is going to have a mess on their hands when the water lines freeze. It’s a vacant house.:roll:

I spoke with the customer today. He said the plumber confirmed a pump and pit under the basement toilet with the electrical hooked up to the bathroom light switch.
Then the plumber ran a bore scope up and over and down and out the back of the house through the drain pipe looking for the septic tank. Still not located.