Email-- Update Your InterNACHI email alias ?

I received an Email today. It looked like it was from InterNACHI. It requested me to update records and was required as the result of an “new server”. When I clicked on the update section it wanted my user name and password. Being the suspicious type I stopped and went no further.
Has anyone else received this ? Scam or legitimate ?

I recieved the same message

I sent a note to Nick @fast reply and he said not to worry about. I don’t think anybody knows his “email alias”.

It’s gonna feel kinda funny, though–walking around with an expired alias. I sure hope no one notices it. Could be embarrassing.

It’s legit, it takes you to the InterNACHI site to update your info once you put your user ID and password in

Guess we all have to move to Arizona!!!

FYI… I also received the email today. Looked suspicious, especially will all the spam/phishing emails I get. Delete, delete, delete. If it’s important, Nick will announce it on the MB.

I updated all the info including SSN, all credit card numbers and bank account numbers just to be on the safe side.

Thank you Linas, Now I can get that new flat screen.

Has ANYBODY from NACHI headquarters like Nick, Lisa, Ben, Chris, etc SAID its fully legitimate???

I go it - BUT Did NOTHING with it till hear something on this Board from HQ.

Not that I have heard.

It does not look like the ‘typical’ email I get from Nachi.

Play it safe and delete, as I did.

If it is important, Nick will normally announce it on the MB, and Chris will follow-up with another email.

See here

I got it today and sent a copy of it to Fastreply requesting verification. The address in the link didn’t look right to me. Went to the site using my own link and this is the only place I was able to find anything about an email alias.
Somebody needs a hobby.

The email was legit. Sorry about the confusion.