Did I receive possible email spam/phishing?

Hi everyone & @gromicko

I’m just starting on my inspection education and received an email from fast-reply@internachi.org asking for a quick reply wanting to confirm my address. The original email confirmation has been completed so I’m wondering if this is a legitimate request, or possible spam.

If legitimate, please let me know.


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fast-reply@internachi.org is one of InterNACHI’s email addresses.

I think you’re good to go…I mean, what are they going to do with your address if it is spam, which I don’t think it is spam.


It’s from us.


Don’t worry. Plent of spam/phishing emails will be along shortly. And then daily after that.


As a general rule unless you’re absolutely positive that the email is legitimate (like you were expecting it) never ever click on a link in email. The email system is insecure and is the direct pathway for phishing scams. Email addresses can easily be spoofed with little effort meaning that the email that looks like it came from internachi.org really came from Soviet Union or some other scammer location. Kevin was correct in being suspicious.