Adding Inspectors

My company is looking at expanding, and we have been tossing around a lot of different ways to structure new additions. Has anyone gone through this process and have any advice?
I know inspectors who work for home inspection companies as 1099s providing their own insurance and obviously carry their own licenses etc. but they only bring in 33% of the inspection fee. This seems a little low to me, and I want to create an opportunity that is attractive to aspiring inspectors.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

What’s up with your website, and what’s your relationship to the other David Fowler in WV?

Never heard of him. Maybe he’s “up North”, or brand new to the business.

Just curious how he can afford to expand a company that has a his listed web address being a dead link, and another inspector of the same name, (family-daddy?) in a different city, that has a f’ed up company name… that I wouldn’t ever hire because of it.

Most of our inspectors are hired as assistants first at an hourly rate. They then move to a “lead position” with a percentage rate. We have one 1099 that also does “other” inspections through his own company.

We cover just about everything for our employees, including vehicle, insurance and gas.

To me, everything is sales and that includes hiring. I hire employees and pay them salaries. First though, I ask a lot of questions about their employment history including what they liked and didn’t like about their prior jobs. I then explain how the things they didn’t like aren’t going to happen at my company, and the things they did like are going to be even better at my company.

We have a decent benefits package which doesn’t compare to a big corporate company, but is far better than most inspection companies, and other small businesses.


Thank you very much for the constructive feedback. Great ideas built around taking care of your people first and foremost, which is how we are trying build things here.


That’s a great philosophy, I’m sure your employees very much appreciate the care and consideration that you give them. A benefits package is hard to come by these days in any field, much less anything revolving around our industry, especially in my area – I’m sure that really helps set your business apart, and attract a higher quality employee.
Thanks so much for the feedback.


While attempting to avoid getting too off topic or too negative, I felt the need to clear a couple of things up…

I was under the impression that this forum was a place where home inspectors could come to discuss, in a professional manner, industry related topics, and reach out to the community for help when in need, or even just spark a conversation relating to our field.
With that said, I’m not sure how anything in your response relates in any way to the question/topic at hand (in fact I’m sure it doesn’t). While completely off topic and irrelevant, I do appreciate you calling out that my website link was dead, I am new to InterNACHI and still obviously have some kinks to work out of my profile. However, I fail to see the relevance of my relation to the other David Fowler in WV, nor do I see the need to bash a fellow business owner for no reason whatsoever, particularly when that person has nothing to do with this thread. I checked on D. Fowler #2 and thought he had a nice website and pretty good business title, but that’s not surprising from a man with a name that strong. (Not that it’s any of your business, but there is no relation. Crazy though, two David Fowlers within hours of each other trying to make a living doing the same thing).
Why my ability to afford an expansion worries you, I don’t know, and I don’t care, but it certainly doesn’t concern you or the questions I posed at the start of the thread. If curiosity is still getting the best of you, a simple, and polite question would probably do the trick.

Best of Luck

Subcontractor and employee contracts in

No luck needed or necessary,… at least for myself!


Thank you! Great stuff in there.