Endoscope (remote Camera)

Thought I would pass on this little Tool tip to all of you. Not sure how many of you are using or purchased an Endoscope or “Remote Inspection Camera”. I purchased a Ryobi model two or three years ago, probably paid at least $80-$100 for it, and it is just a viewer, not a camera. Also the business end of the thing is about 11/16 in diameter. Also I had looked at some other inspection cameras and anything that is decent is over $200, and the camera end is still over 1/3 inch wide.

So anyway I did find a USB Endoscope that will work with either Android (phone or tablet) or a PC (I believe they also have some for iPhones). Price ? About $12 and the camera end is 5.5m (just under 1/4 inch) waterproof, Res. 640x480 or 1280x720 (on PC). Still Photos or Video. Lighted with (6) LEDs, adjustable brightness. I actually purchased 3 of them and with a price break Less than $33/ with free shipping. (yep direct from China) about 15 days to arrive. I did not use the app software that came with the camera, there are several apps available at the “play store”.

I’ve only played around with it a little, but it is far more useful (small) and better resolution than even some of the $400 cameras I have seen at the recent inspection conferences from dedicated “inspection” venders.

I understand there are a few online sources for these. I got mine at http://www.banggood.com/search/endoscope-usb-camera.html Check to make sure it is compatible with your phone. I got the one that is for my Samsung S5. then it comes with an adaptor to a standard USB for your PC. Also the cable comes in different lengths. mine is 1.5 meters long. (looks like they have some up to 10 meters long

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