Most awesome home inspection tool ever invented....

Looks sweet but PLEASE tell me it has a Super Wide Angle Zoom Lens or it won’t be worth a crap. The only reason I ask is there is not a sample shot of a super wide angle area.

You have got to be able to take picture of large roof areas amd then have enough mp to zooming to the tiniest details.

I would almost bet it does or someone messed up bad. It is a flat out neccesity for that typeof work.

I know I could have looked it up but I am leaning on the chair on one leg typing :frowning:

Keep the cool stuff coming :slight_smile:

I have been doing something very similar with my large boat hook, paintbrush holder and my camera. Either movires or multiple timed shots:

It produces a pretty wide shot. And with a 34 foot reach… you can get way up above the roof for wide shots that can include the whole roof.


This is from the spec page Michael. 25mm lens with 10x enlargement seems like a good combo.This item could be on my shopping list for the year.


25mm Ultra Wide-angle Lens

The 25mm ultra wide-angle lens* has about twice the shooting area as a standard 35mm lens. This enhances all kinds of shooting situations, like when you’re photographing a group of people at an indoor party or shooting a large structure or sweeping landscape while traveling.

  • Converted to standard 35mm camera equivalent, at the wide-end.

Nick showed us this during the world tour in Omaha. It is what got me more interested in using an Android camera.

Place the camera on a pole and control it from your cell phone on the ground.

But works with iPhone as well.

25 wide is what I have and should be sufficient. I do not think anyone has anything wider on a compact camera but I may have just not come across it yet as I am currently not shopping for a camera.

Super wide angle zoom is to me the one of the most important features a inspection camera can have.

Getting the full house elevation shots without having to be across the street at the neighbors front door. Getting shots of stupid a s s marks on trusses where you can see more than one or 2 marks. Getting complete or at least 1/2 shots of the complete roof etc…

Best of all… we build them in-house here.

I like the phone mount. I wish I could find just that. I have a different purpose for it.

Hi Nick,

Besides the weight of the entire setup minus iPhone, I’d like to know the circumference with phone holder; reason is that I would probably carry it in a pvc tube on my roof rack and would need to know what size pipe i need to mount to accomodate.


Hi Nick,

Ever used this in a crawlspace? Could have used something like this this past Monday instead of crawling in a disgusting crawlspace.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Looks pretty cool…

I put an LED bicycle light at the end of mine… and the camera that comes with it has a flash too.

…perfect for the 2nd floor shower window.


It now comes with a plumbers-style PVC pipe case.

Great! And here is a site that sells lockable aluminum end caps for the 6" pipe the scope comes in.

Hey Nick! What gives here the inspectoscope just went up 80 bucks??!

Is there a satisfaction guarantee? For the second time…