Energy Audit Software

I get request for good energy software to assist those doing an energy audit.
Please list any recommendation you feel would help a fellow inspector.

What works good for you?


Ditto, I have Home Inspector Pro, Ill ask Dominic if it can be adapted.

John, XL Pro Titanium, Gold, and Platinum Editions are all well suited to doing Energy Audits or any other inspections. They are flexible and expandable. It is also very easy to incorporate formulas directly in the report.

Quite a few guys are using Home Inspector Pro for Energy Audits, including a few NACHI members. Maybe they will be willing to share the templates they made?

Does anyone use HIP and have an energy audit template they are willing to share?

What do you consider an energy audit to be or consist of , John?

I am talking about software that assist one in calculating the R-value benefits and
savings by applying various energy options and solutions.

There isn’t much out there. Here’s a good stsrting point.

As far a I know, none of the inspection software will do the calculations right (like George said, you could use his program and use Excel formulas) now but it’s definitely something that could be added in. I’d just need to know what all the calculations are that were needed. The guys doing them now must be hand calculating and entering the savings.

John…I played around with ResCheck a couple of years ago but since I don’t do energy audits then I haven’t messed with it for some time. You might take a look at it, there’s an online version that doesn’t require a download. I have no idea if it does what you are looking for though.

This might be what you are looking for.

Thanks guys. All the links look like they have good info. This will help some
of your fellow inspectors who are seeking this kind of information.

There is always the Home Tune-uP Program!!

This has worked very well for me for the past 4 years.


Where do they list their prices for training, software, etc…?

Here is the schedule:

If the above link does not take you to the schedule, then just click the “Inspectors Corner” tab on the home page.

Most of thier training class are offered through ITA and the cost is 299.00. You can download the software once you attend the training and register. You do not have to pay for the entire software, but you have to pay a 25.00 fee everytime you use the software to conduct a Tyne-uP.


Anybody have a comparison of this versus a RESNET course? outside of price but with course content?

And of course, iNACHI Reporter

Hi Guys:

Happy to Help.

If you have George Well’s XL Pro Program, and want to insert the template my office developed over the past several years, I would be happy to give it to George to incorporate it as part of his XL Pro Program.

I have to ask George How it would work as a stand-alone versus as part of his XL Pro Product, since we give his XL Pro Software to all of our Licensed Graduates in NYS as part of the 140 hour NYS Licensing Program.

I will communicate this to George shortly. Contact: for more information.

I hope this helps with those who wish to perform Energy focus inspections and Energy Audits for Residential properties. Never expanded it for Commercial, but I am sure you could speak with George about adapting it for commercial use.

All the best, fellow InterNACHI members, and I am happy that George has been so willing to offer FREE CMI Seminars every month for the benefit of all. That is why I am willing to give him my template to adapt his software as he sees fit.

Have a great week. Hope to see many of you at the 1 day Thermography Class for Home Inspectors, NYS, Dept of State Approved for 7 hours this week- August 1st, 2008 8am to 4pm.

More to follow…

If you would like to see just how powerful XL Pro is with doing calculations, download the free Residential Electrical Service Size and Conduit Fill Calculators from our website. By entering basic information about a house, it gives the total demand load (different from Connected Load), standard service size, conduit sizes, and service conductor sizes.

The Conduit Size Calculator will calculate the conduit size required for any mix of up to 33 different conductor types, in any quantity, in a single conduit. It includes every conductor type and every conduit type recognized by the National Electrical Code.

Both calculators are components of XL Pro. The Residential Electrical Service Size calculator was developed specifically for home inspectors. It is included in a CD that we sell for $10 but it iNACHI members can download it free. The conduit size calculator was designed for mainly for electrical inspectors but anyone doing commercial inspections potentially could find it useful.

Home inspectors do not often have needs for the more advanced capabilities of XL Pro but it is capable of doing almost any kind of engineering calculations that you can think of.

Hi guys, can someone please fill me in on what is included in an energy audit? I have a feeling that what you folks do in the USA and what we do in Canada are totally different.