Inspection Software

I am seeking opinions on software that is best for both Home Inspections and Energy Audits (BPI Standard). My preference would be one program similar to Homeguage.


Though curious why you said similar too but not HG.

There are now dozens of packages out there. But IMHO the top 3 are:

  1. Home Inspector Pro
  2. Best Inspectors .net
  3. HomeGauge

Look into 3D

Those plus Report Host and Horizon are about all I can think of off hand worth looking into.
There are many cr–py ones.

I think Home Gauge is the only software that offers both. They are innovators, not copycats. They were one of the original home inspection software providers. All others copied their ideas and followed suit.
Something similar to the IPhone. They designed the original smartphone and all the imitators followed. Go figure.
Hope this helps.:wink:

I tried Home Gauge and Hip and I will stay with Hip.

Adaptable to anything you want to do.
Works for me.

Go with one that works for you. :slight_smile:

Be careful when you say Energy Audit. None of the software mentioned above does Energy Audit reporting. You would need to use something like REM/Rate to do an actual Energy Audit report.

Thanks for the plug Bob. :slight_smile:

Anyone using a PDA system should defiantly look into Knight Software Jeff.
Great meeting you in Vegas.

I am not a PDA user however the software would be much more a recommend if you developed it towards the smart phone end IMO.

I did like the UI.:wink:

All my recommendations are geared towards visual (meaning pictures)
Right now that means (desktop orientated) as smaller UI and processor speed does not perform for me at this time.(stay tuned)

Someone needs to invent a camera that is a computer not a computer that just happens to take photos. :slight_smile:

Glad to see Nick still has me in the top 3 even though I’m at the bottom. HomeGauge comes with a BPI “CAS” Combustion Appliance safety template that is complete and works excellent.

Our Energy auditing template is complete and you can do a full energy audit with it. What it doesnt do is SIR which many auditors need to help convince the home owner when they will see their money return from energy savings. Some of our energy auditors use Green compass for that or HESPRO.

To do Energy Star requires more comprehensive software like Remrate and others.

I recommend you try the software, all the ones you are looking at and determine which is easier for you. Call their support line and see if you are charged for the support, if you get adequate support. See how long it takes for you to complete a report in each of the software.

Our software is more adaptable than any on the market.

Thank you Linas! I agree

I’ll second that :wink:

You guys are soooo wrong.
Wait then again maybe you are right?

Did they get MAC sync?

Wait till you guys see HIP 3.0 (I am beta testing it right now) :):):slight_smile:

Life is good Russell. :stuck_out_tongue:

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See nothing about Android ,so what do you mean?

iPhone/iPad coming soon. It is the original SmartPhone you know. :slight_smile:

Does not help the majority of us Android users.
I prefer the EVO and have already just finished reading about Sprint i phone users having speed issues .
My EVO just always works and has no throttling.:mrgreen:

Think I even showed you a checklist app on it.:slight_smile:

I had a smart phone in 2005 .

What you talkin’ about Willis?

3D has Droid app in Beta now!! Works GREAT!!!