NH weatherization

I have been working on becoming certified to do weatherization for the state of NH for many months and I have finally received my first job.

Most of the work has been held up by wording in the Davis Bacon act but things here look promising. Evey NH contractor wanting to do this work has to be certified and own a blower door. The state has auditors that go out in advance, do the audit and write the scope of work. Th contractor then goes out and has to perform pre and post blower door test, fortunately I have thermal imaging as well as all jobs must see a reduction in CFMs and all jobs are reinspected after completion and before payment is made.

My first job is and open blow of an attic, secure the attic hatch, insulate 100 feet of hydronic pipe and repair the exhaust fan for the kitchen stove.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get this one scheduled, should be interesting.

Congrats, Peter!

Good Luck Peter, I know you worked hard to get this far. I hope all your hard work pays off.

Thanks alot guys, I hope it works out.

Nice going Peter. Happy you got there. :slight_smile:

Well we completed the job on Friday. Pre blower door test was 1050cfm@50
Did an open blow of the attic @R-38, sealed the attic hatch, insulated 100 lineal feet of hydronic pipe. Post blower door test was 1030cfm@50
Not a significant change and thankfully they gave us an easy one to get started.
Now comes the invoicing and post construction inspection.
I should add this house was a small ranch built in 1959, all the windows have been replaced. Pretty tight home.

Nice Peter, what do those #'s mean?

1959, surprising that homes then were better built than the ones today. Huh!:slight_smile:

Marcel, the numbers are 1050 cubic feet per minute @ 50 pascals