Energy Auditing & Weatherization with Thermal Imagers Webinar

I am pleased to introduce the NEW Energy Auditing & Weatherization Webinar from Fluke!

With all the focus on energy conservation and building weatherization, IR is getting a lot of much deserved attention. Thermal imagers play an important role in making the location of air leaks and missing insulation very fast and easy. This session will identify the common areas of major energy loss as well as illustrate how powerful IR is as a diagnostic tool.

To discover or learn more about IR’s role in Energy Auditing & Weatherization, visit the following link for the list of upcoming sessions:…ineTraining.htm

Hope to see you there!

Rick Maday
Thermography Product Marketing
Fluke Corporation

Rick, what’s the cost? and what type of certification do you issue?

Hey Peter, I got this from FLIR yesterday:
This 2 day course is intended to give the student the knowledge base necessary to perform IR surveys of residences, primarily single family homes, to identify weatherization issues. The class covers IR camera setup and operation, image downloading and basic report generation, fundamentals of IR theory and heat transfer, use with other testing such as blower doors, techniques, tips and tricks for weatherization IR surveys and application examples.

About Weatherization and Infrared

A good weatherization IR survey can identify thermal anomalies that indicate missing insulation and insulation defects due to damage, moisture and improper installation. The IR survey can also provide indication of potential areas of imminent condensation, moist or wet areas as well as air infiltration and exfiltration, especially when used in conjunction with blower door testing. IR surveys can also find duct leaks when used with duct pressurization testing. Documentation with IR images is a key feature of IR thermography for weatherization. The course covers the caveats and environmental conditions necessary for a successful weatherization IR survey, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Course Highlights

  • Get an Introduction to IR thermography
  • Learn how to operate your IR camera for weatherization studies
  • Understand environmental and target conditions necessary to successfully find problems through an introduction to Heat transfer and IR Science
  • Learn about Existing Standards; their strengths and weaknesses
  • See Application examples through demonstrations and in-depth discussions
  • Apply your knowledge through Application lab exercises
  • Learn how to conduct a survey of a single family residence
  • Learn how to create an effective survey report

Tuition and Registration
Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $725 USD
Duration: 2 days
Dates: May 6-7, 2009
Location: Boston, MA (North Billerica)Click here to Register Online or call 1-866-872-4647
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I did too. After attending BPI course I’m wondering what value these others will have.
Seems that BPI is the recognized provider for energy audits.

Webinars are a joke.

You want education? Participate in real time courses.

All Fluke webinars are free. Because there is no classroom time, no certification can be given.

While I agree that paid classroom courses are much more in-depth and often include a certification, webinars are a good way to learn more about an IR application from your home and for FREE!