engineer did a home inspetion

I just got a call from a customer that had his home inspection performed by a licensed engineer.He needs form filled out to get a grant to help him purchase the house.The engineer refuses to and says he is not licensed as a home inspector. I found that odd as I always thought that an engineer is automatically licensed to perform home inspections. He asked me to fill out the forms. I told him I can only fill out form if I myself perform the Home Inspection.
Question am wrong about engineer not needing a separate license to perform home Inspection

In New York State, who can provide home inspection of residential buildings for compensation?

Person holding a license issued by the NYS Department of State (DOS) can perform home inspections of residential buildings for compensation. Exempt from this licensure requirement are architects and professional engineers licensed and currently registered by the NYS Office of Professions who are lawfully practicing within the scope of their profession. For more information on the Home Inspection Professional Licensing Act, visit the Department of Education’s website at

In most states they do not need a separate license to perform home inspections and they may not be required to use state forms for reporting. That doesn’t necessarily make him a licensed home inspector. He’s a licensed engineer.

The fact that they can perform home inspections doesn’t mean he/she’s qualified to fill out whatever form the client needs completed. I’m not sure that being a home inspector qualifies one to fill out a grant form.

Thanks Marcel i will look it up when i get to office
Thanks Chuck I asked the customer to send me forms I’m a bit curious as to what it is I never had anyone ask me to fill out any forms

Notice how the law says “within the scope of their profession”. That means you can’t be just any engineer. An electrical engineer can’t do a roof inspection, and a structural engineer can’t do the HVAC part. I had one where a structural engineer did the inspection, but wouldn’t report on anything else (he missed a structural defect by the way). It looks like you need to be a civil engineer to do a home inspection in NY from what I read.

The bolded part is all that matters IMO.

True, and if he did not do the Inspection, he has no play in the inspection performed, unless he is hired to do one above and beyond the one that was already done.
Sounds like it is back in the lap of the client that hired the Engineer.

Like was mentioned, the Engineer is qualified for what ever trade he is licensed for.

Thank you everyone for your assistance and input its greatly appreciated.